Our sacred wounds are the doorway to healing and growth. Only going through my pains, illnesses, and experiences, did I acquire the knowledge of self healing, happiness, and purpose. 

All healing is SELF HEALING, my purpose in this life is to hold space for you and guide you back to yourself, to give you the tools necessary for self discovery and truth, and to support you every step of the way.

I am an herbalist, teacher, student, guide, practitioner, reiki master, and bearer of light; and I know you are too. 

We are all uniquely designed. Everyones path is different, and being able to understand that can bring us a sense of relief. That is what makes YOU you.

My background is in health care, but western medicine and the system never felt correct for me. I am an entrepreneur and have built several successful businesses, but i was not fulfilled, I knew my purpose was greater.

 I studied plant medicine, astrology, hypnotherapy, coaching, yoga, nutrition, human design, and all modalities of energy work. I was certified in Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy in 2018.

Through Quantum Healing, I found that everything and anything, past or present can be healed long term through this practice. So if you have found yourself here on my site, welcome, it is time for you to take the next step.