Clear The Past To Allow The New To Fuel Your Purpose

Right now, we are shifting.

We are being shown where we have been stuck in old habits, specifically if you're trying to escape reality or avoid practical matters. This new cycle is giving you the opportunity to call out these behaviors so you can make a change.

You can either adapt by accepting the new direction in which you're being pushed, or you can resist- but you're being asked to think about what has been preventing you from seeing the world CLEARLY.

Take note of where you are misaligned with PROGRESS by escaping or avoiding reality. This is the time to let go of these old behaviors so you can CLEAR SPACE for the new experiences and awarenesses that are coming. This energy is calling attention to any attachments to your past that are holding you back from evolving along with the rest of humanity.

As Saturn enters Aquarius, we enter a new paradigm. This energy is fueling us to step into our divine purpose, and the things and people not serving us in this way, are falling away.

We are able to see situations and interactions objectively. We are able to separate and see clearly what is correct for us and what isn't. The emotional baggage we have been carrying must be released, this cannot come with us into this new chapter.

We are being asked to look at what cycles and things we are still holding onto from our past. Look at these old aspects of ourselves, and release them, for they have no purpose for us and we cannot bring them as we rise up.

For the next 4 months, the way people think, perceive, and communicate will be more logical and objective. We are also able to process emotions more objectively at this time.

If you feel fear or a heaviness in the world right now, set the intention to rise above it and see it all idealistically.

If you are already an idealistic positive person, right now you may find yourself ignoring the difficulties in your life. If you are more grounded and pragmatic, see this time as an opportunity to engage in out of the box thinking and generate new ideas.

How can I open my mind to higher ideals without detaching from reality?

Which areas of my life could a bigger view benefit me and those around me?

This time is an opportunity to envision something progressive and beneficial for yourself and the collective.

For me personally, the past 2 weeks have been one of the most groundbreaking and expansive times of my life. I engaged in a 16 hour ceremony which allowed for me to refocus back on myself, and the work i need to do. I was able to cut ties with so many people who I was leaking energy too. I freed myself from everything and everyone that was not reflecting the highest version of myself, and I OPENED up space for new and correct people and experiences to come to me.

I opened up new pathways for abundance. I am free in every area of my life, and there is nothing I do daily that I AM NOT passionate about. But, I had an aspect of myself that was not being used, and that was connecting and coaching businesses. My mechanics include a channel of sales. Whether or not your selling services or products, I have an incessant need to connect people with people.

Everything I have set intention for is showing up, that is because i cleared out everything i cannot take with me in this new chapter.

If you are still holding on to people, ideals, and perceptions that came from your past cycles, you are not allowing new opportunities and emotions to come to you.

Take a personal inventory:

what am I still holding onto from my past & why?

why am I still holding onto it, what is it about me i am not honoring or trusting in myself?

what is one area of my life i have been neglecting?

can I be open to the newness this energy will bring me, and I am doing everything myself needs to show up fully as myself and ready for what the world brings me?

This is such an exciting, expansive time, use it to fuel your passion, purpose, and mission.

Get ready for newness, and all the beauty that comes with it.

In Love & Light,


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