Apply Your Oxygen Mask First, Before Assisting Others

"Apply your oxygen mask first, before assisting others"

The past month I have had so much shift. My genetic codes have altered, my feminine energy entered my being in a way it hasn't before. A gentle dance of both masculine and feminine equally being integrated.

I have been able to show up differently to others, and with all of me. Many people have never been able to witness someone showing up completely and fully for them, so its natural that it could trigger something within them. Like a love they have never felt before. My openness was not secure though, my energy was being drained.

I have had an influx of people reaching out to me for support, and with that, my balance shifted to the other more than myself. UH OHHHHH.

Realizing that people were now demanding more and more from me, I was getting exhausted. Setting clear boundaries has been something i have been working on the past year. I used to just not respond, but now I have been INFORMING, but even when I have been using my voice, my boundaries were still being stepped over.

This brought up a lot of anger. Hey I am finally using my voice and drawing lines, and not being heard was devastating. So what was it that I was calling into my field? I have had numerous acquaintances sending very demanding messages saying they "deserve" something from me. So let's discuss that word.

DE-SERVE. Deserve.

  1. Definition of deserve

  2. transitive verb : to be worthy of : MERIT deserves another chance

  3. intransitive verb : to be worthy, fit, or suitable for some reward or requital… have become recognized as they deserve.

After doing some writing and dissecting this, I have come to realize that I was deserving the same attention and love for myself, that I had initially showed up with for others.

I also felt like deserving is a dis-service to ourselves! Because you can never expect another or something outside of yourself to give you want you need. This can only come from you. To think another must give this to you, you are misinterpreting what self love is, the love of another, and the support you were receiving wasn't really received because you were not PRESENT or grateful for them.

This is a part of the work I do, to be here to guide others back to themselves, but this can only be effective if you are giving yourself everything you need first, otherwise, the others will see/feel that hole in your aura and try and penetrate it.

My clients are aware that in order for us to do the work we need, they must show up vulnerable. I must show up vulnerable as well.


Life is trying to bring you back to your purity. Do you have distortion blocking your purest essence? You will be able to tell if there is distortion by the reflection of yourself being shown in others. If your purity is not being reflected back, there is an issue. With yourself, or with a relationship that is not for your highest good.

Start removing the layers, go deep. If someone doesn't see you in the highest version of yourself, step back and do some reflection. Why is this person in your life? What are you being taught or shown? They are either there to teach you something about yourself, or learn another lesson about who you allow in your life.

Show up fully for yourself first ALWAYS. You can be of no use to another if you are unable to show up for yourself. You cannot give something to another you are not willing to give to yourself.

When you are living in a different frequency and energetic vibration, a lot of times people can't hear and understand what you are saying. They can only meet you as deeply as they have met themselves. Don't drain your energy continually trying to explain yourself.

Let it go, and continue on your journey.

In Love & Light,


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