Sacred Wounds Are Doorways To Your Divinity

If you are reading this, this means you are either aware, or subconsciously aware of your woundedness. I know that this awareness is painful, but it means you are potentially in a wonderful place. Armed with knowledge, you can become a a conscious participant in your own experience of healing. You cannot wait for someone else to save your or fix you, or give you a temporary relief of distress- NO ONE can truly do this for you anyway. Allow others to be supportive, but they cant go to the places within you where the hurt is all consuming, only you can go there on your behalf.

Let me make this perfectly clear- YOUR WOUNDS ARE YOURS, AND YOURS ALONE. Your wounds are from your lives that maybe others helped perpetuate and bring out, but you hold that energy, and until you release it, it will continue being projected out into the world and unto others, and you may be conscious of it or not.

Acceptance of your woundedness is the landing pad into healing. Wounds can be mental, physical, or emotional. WOUNDS ARE CAUSED BY EVENTS THAT LIMIT OUR ABILITY TO FULLY AND FREELY EXPRESS OURSELVES!

All facets of our constitution are subject to life altering injury that can alter our development. It doesn't matter if the wound has come about through deliberate intent or by accident, consciously or unconsciously, initiated by ourselves or others. What makes an event a wound is that we use it against ourselves. We set it as evidence of our imperfection, and then it interferes with our ability to experience both our own goodness and the goodness of others. Woundedness is universal. Everyone on the planet is wounded, and everyone who has ever been alive has been hurt too. The injuries we suffer can result in terrible distortions in our perception, and this can limit the vitality of the life force. What commonly occurs is that wounds morph into "issues", patterns we develop that interfere with our experience of the Innermost self. Our issues become excuses to avoid aspects of our life we find difficult, crippling us physically, emotionally, and socially. Because humans have been suffering since we came to earth, it would make sense to consider that there is a purpose- a spiritual purpose for this wounding experience. There is a sacred opportunity within every wound- the chance to become aware of the divine reality through our own humanity. They offer us the opportunity to transform every aspect of our being, from our perceptions to the way we express ourselves in the world. When does an ordinary wound become a sacred wound? The difference is our perception of the occurrence, the wound becomes sacred when we shift our focus to the infinite possibility of our spiritual healing. Awareness can lead to connectedness. The cost of admission to this fellowship of humanity is pride. In a state of humility we can accept the paradox of our identity. We are unlimited beings in a limited situation. Wherever we are now, know there is always a next level. It is an infinite and eternal process resulting from inner attention and adjustments that facilitate an expanding awareness of oneness, conscious fusion with the divine. We are now and always have been fused with the divine, it is awareness of this fact that is the issue. Whenever we tap into the power of our sacred wounds, our consciousness of this eternal truth about ourselves expands- and we are healed and transformed. Transmute each wound from tragedy into exaltation, from a trapdoor into a gateway to greatness. Love & Light, Kayla

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