The Real Work Is In Relationships

You can meditate all day and night, go through your shadows by yourself, do some really deep work by yourself. Then, you think the work is done.

Lets say you accumulated trauma and unhealthy tendencies in your previous relationship or marriage, then you spend a few years healing and think you're all better, you're feeling all better, and doing better.

Then you enter a new relationship, and all of a sudden, all of that shit comes right back up to the surface, and you are reacting and responding to your partner the same way you did with you ex.

Well what the hell.

I did the work, I healed, yadda yadda. You can mentally understand your roles in your last relationship, where those wounds really came from (childhood) but until you heal your actions in the physical, then you have not really moved that trauma and that energy is still within you.

This is by no means supposed to say the work we have done is pointless, this is simply saying

A new way, your highest way, an unknown way, a vulnerable way, a way that isn't from your TRAUMA.

This is the work I LIVE FOR. Working with others has always been shown to me as my path. To simply be still in relationships, to observe, to choose how to show up, not just react. This is the bread and butter of self love.

What tools are needed to work through this trauma in a relationship without projecting it onto our partner or them making it their own?

Well there are several, but choose the one thats best for you.

Conscious Communication is an amazing way to develop healthy protocols for connecting, creating a safe container with your partner to talk, as well as a key word to check each other when one or both are not in their highest self.

Developing healthy activities together, new ones that you have not previously done before within relationship.

Relationships call for vulnerability, they call for the unknown, doing things a whole new way. Its so easy to set back into comfortable wounded energetic neural pathways, but we are being pushed into this new aquarian age with love and support.

Allow your heart to guide you fearlessly into the unknown. It is our only way to sovereignty, conscious relationships, and true intimacy with the world around us.

In Love & Light,


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