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Are you drawn to the sacred energy of the rose?  Do you feel a stirring within indicating the awakening of your own Rose Consciousness? Activating an understanding of your rose lineage gives you a real possibility of stepping up to your full potency. 



Don't Pass Up This Chance!

Kayla is a very patient soul. She takes time to listen and you can tell she holds zero judgment to what is spoken. The only purpose she has during your appointment is to help you heal and find answers to your lives pressing questions. I highly recommend doing a session with Kayla. She is one of a kind. I have come across other healers but she is by far one of the best there is at facilitating your healing.

-David Neils


My purpose is to hold space for you to reconnect you with your higher self, see past cycles & patterns, shed your limitations and bring clarity to your divinity and life purpose. I will teach you how to overcome obstacles, bring balance to your feminine & masculine, and meet you with potentials.

To start, I am a forever student, teacher, and Quantum Healing Practitioner of the energetics and healing of trauma & human relations at the soulular level. I always knew I came from the stars, and was always digging into astrology and spiritual practices to know myself more. I have been studying Human Design and living my design for a few years, I am a 6/2 Manifestor ;) and like to recommend this amazing tool in my practices as well.


As a Quantum Healing Practitioner, I started with QHHT & BQH, and quickly found a way to take these modalities deeper. I take my clients to the deepest states of trance to go back to those spaces that require a rewiring or remembering, from either past lives on earth, other planets, or back to traumatic experiences in this life.  Here, we blend together the subconscious with our energetic codes to create avenues of healing and understanding through new perceptions and activations of our connection with our higher self.  


I have also released a new Conscious Communication Course called: Codes Of Communication, Authentic Relationship Connection. Communication has always intrigued me, and many moons ago when I was in the corporate world, I was a production supervisor in the automotive industry where I had found myself managing around 300 union & non unionized employees who lived- car mechanics. I was 22 and had no idea how to operate any of the machines they were using, what any of the parts we were building were, but I LOVE people, and I LOVE working together with people to create. I was certified in Nonviolent Communication, and little did I know at the time, that I would circle back to that tool to make it BETTER, more authentic, real.


I knew we needed a few things:
To be able to see another's perspective, to allow them to be heard, and seen, and then guide them into resolving their own issues....
Be aware and able to separate our needs, from emotions, as well as triggers from past traumas from whats occurring actually in the present moment.


This course specifically synergizes Conscious Communication with Human Design/Gene Keys. I also host C.C. workshops locally, and teach for groups, and 1 on 1.


While creating this I came to this understanding:
To bring about real change, each one of us has to let go of our habit of dividing the world into opposing sides, and be willing to question our comfortable conclusions of what is right and wrong. We need to be open to seeing a new way.


I am inspired by the potentials that come with alignment to our soul's purpose.
My mission is to create new ways with ancient tools to navigate this new era we have entered collectively.



"Kayla is a Quantum Healing practitioner who actively uses both QHHT- Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique- developed by the great Dolores Cannon, as well as BQH- Beyond Quantum Healing- developed by the beloved Candace Goldman. Through these modalities, she will guide you through a multidimensional journey to connect you with your higher self, guides & angels, release energetic blocks, heal illnesses, get your life long questions answered, and help you bring clarity to your purpose."


Kayla, has a wonderful soul. Her voice is soothing and relaxes you to guide you to meet your higher self. The time i spent was wonderful. She is truely well grounded and contected to the earth . You owe it to yourself to let her Guide you to seek out your lifes journey. KAYLA even followed up with me the very next day and sent me a recording of the session. You must reach out to her. Dont wait another minute.

-Randy 11/20


This was by far the most transformative healing session I have ever had. The level of compassion that Kayla has combined with her gift that she brings creates a safe space where deep work can happen. Even after just 24 hours I am noticing a shift in awareness and in the connection I have with myself, with my guides and with source. I feel more in alignment now than I have since I have had my near death experiences. It feels like a remembering. Something that I recommend for everyone and have already recommended to people close to me. I truly believe this experience can be a fundamental key for bringing someone back home to themselves. Love love love this. So truly grateful!

-Diana M

Heart Opening Session!

Kayla is such a bright light with a strong presence. She guided me through several lives on different planets, I went home and it was a beautiful remembrance. Kayla then connected me with my guides and angels which transmitted answers and knowledge of my purpose in this life. I highly recommend Kayla to everyone, she is serving her purpose in the most loving authentic way, and her gifts and presence is a blessing to all she touches!

-Melissa M 



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